Random Thoughts: Poetry and Beyond

I don’t think poetry is enough. The more I create, discover, experience, and read, the more that I’m convinced that words do not cannot express, much less communicate the enormous complexities of this side of life. That being said, I am a poet. The inherent struggle of poetry is stretching words to accomplish things they were never meant to. I get that. I love and embrace that aspect of writing and the challenge itself gives me a great deal of life. The trick is that other forms of art become more and more attractive to me as well. Visual arts like drawing, painting, typography, cinematography, and photography are all powerhouses in their own rights, and this is more and more enticing to me. Music, too has always been a love of mine and the way we’ve fused it together with words and images has, at times, taken my breath away.

I want to wield that sort of power in my art, even if it means that words must take a backseat.

I don’t know where to go or how to start, but I know that I’m not the first one with the idea, and I won’t be the last. I know that my skill will not find recognition and satisfaction until it is attached to something bigger than itself, God has shown me that much throughout the years. That excites me and convicts me. I praise God for the way that He’s already used my gift, but I’m burning to see it grow larger than I am, both for His Glory, and for our Good.

Beauty. Truth. Goodness.

To Inspire. Empower. Enrich.

May it be so.

Worlds Apart Part 3 (3/21/2011)

Chapter 6 states that men are like rubber bands and have alternating cycles of pulling away from intimacy to set up autonomy and getting closer to re-establish intimacy. When a man gets too close, he loses himself in her concerns and cares and has to pull away to find himself again.

I 100% affirm that! It’s so easy for me to drown in other people’s problems and concerns sometimes! Continue reading