#38 Thankful.

I am thankful for
Days with multiple conferences
Rowdy inside lunches
Hard conversations
Bad tasting water
And expensive fast food bought outside my budget

I am thankful for all day lock-downs
And working extra time when I got an hour of sleep the previous night
I’m thankful for madness
Three near-accidents
Approaching thunderstorms
For red, tired eyes
And middle school guys that just don’t get it,
No matter how many times it’s said

For killers running loose,
Full weeks off of school
And naptime sacrificed
To make up for time wasted,
I am thankful

These things may last for a day,
But the character gained won’t ever go away.

#7 [Waiting.]

I’m terrible at hearing.
I don’t hear You speaking like I used to.

I still see though.

and I’m moved by the things You do.
My eyes often dry and tired,
constantly drinking infinity in small quantities
I see now

Why eyes haven’t seen
nor ears heard
Your glory;
It’s massive.

Some days my eyes hurt so bad I fear they may burst:
You’re too heavy to carry
I bear my cross but this weight is becoming too much to take
It spurs me
“Keep surging forward!” like firefighter sirens in my head
But my spirit isn’t as strong as it used to be.
These long hours draw from deep in me and I’m running dry
I’m tired, hurting, and thirsty
I’m thirsty…
And I want to stop running
I’m hearing
That even youth grow weary,
Young men will stumble and fall
But those who wait on You will renew their strength;
Soar on wings like eagles

I need those
So I’ll be waiting for You.

God’s jealousy is His most selfless and loving quality.

“God created the world for His own praise. For His own glory. People see this as a problem — that God created the world for His own praise. They think such self-exaltation would be immoral and loveless. That may be how you feel. Continue reading