It’s kinda complicated

There’s no way poetry could capture the complexity of Elsinore viewed on top of Route 74
Left, housing tracts lay in monotone reds, tans, and browns in sprawling gridlocks
Cars are ants, all of them following the ones in front of them
People rushing around these pre-worn routes until they simply cease to be


Serenity of silence, light shining off licks of lake water, green grass fields, deep blue sky, glorious sunshine,
You and I will die; leave all of this beauty behind
Thought scares me hollow sometimes

I like to think I know why I’m here,
never sure because I’m only human and this is bigger than me
We all like to pretend we understand, that we can wrap existence into a catchphrase,
like complex like the definition is definitive

That it can ompletely express the evolutionary process that makes all the types of fish so different, or count the ripples reverberated from this lake since its creation

Imagine each event that has happened to each person on Earth in a single week
Between waking and sleeping
Think of the work each of their cells have done in the same time
Remember that each second 3 million die and even more are born
Just because we can sum up photosynthesis in sentences does not mean we can start, stop, or harness it
Just because we can say “complex” doesn’t mean we can understand just how intricate the mind of God is
Thought up every natural process and maintains them each as we speak,
Decided vibrating molecules would make noise at different frequencies
ordered them into tones
to build chords and melodies, play music and sing notes that speak to souls
Even though we don’t know what a soul is or where it is or comes from
Or how He emotionally connects with each of the 7 billion people he created whether theyre laughing or weeping every second of the day
Why He would leave the eternal pleasures of heaven to have dirty feet, be hungry, stub his toe, bite his tongue, watch his friends betray him, know the pain of flesh torn from bone, watching his mother weep for him
There’s something marvelous in that mind behind the obvious brilliance
I couldn’t even begin to explain it though,
I’m only a man, this is only a poem.
The best I can do is say it’s complex, and admit that this is bigger than me.

Standing Taller Still. (3/1/2011)

“It’s times like these that make me say, “Lord if you see me please come my way” My music plays as I make my way down the street from our house.

Today would be gorgeous if it weren’t so cloudy. Blue skies tease me with their endless possibilities from the very edges of the city’s skyline. Continue reading