Worlds Apart Part 3 (3/21/2011)

Chapter 6 states that men are like rubber bands and have alternating cycles of pulling away from intimacy to set up autonomy and getting closer to re-establish intimacy. When a man gets too close, he loses himself in her concerns and cares and has to pull away to find himself again.

I 100% affirm that! It’s so easy for me to drown in other people’s problems and concerns sometimes! Continue reading

Worlds Apart (3/19/2011)

Before you even click to read this, I need to say that these next few blogs are sheer “venting”. They aren’t as much for you to learn from as they are for me to get rid of some tension. Glory to God if you learn, but if this seems agitating, long-winded, or pointless, just stop, you’re not missing anything important. Continue reading