#40 Blank Canvas. [Morning Poem]

There’s nothing quite like sleeping
As long as your body wants
Waking like a splash of citrus
Seeing the ceiling blank as your plans for the day
This must be how ladybugs live
These are the eyes God must have looked at the world with
As He decided what type of masterpiece He’d like to create,
No wonder they say we are made in His image.
I have a canvas to paint.

#39 Not a justification.

Will it always

take sleeping through alarms

to show me I’m tired?


Will it always take unintentionally passing out for 4 hours,

Missing commitments,

always waking up exhausted,

and constantly planning to find time for naps

before I see that I need to do a better job getting sleep?

I feel like a crack addict.

And I know that’s bad, but…

It gives me that much more of a reason not to look down on anyone

Sometimes that’s all I need.


Well, that and sleep.

I’m still working on that one.