#28 Facebook Sestina One

I challenged facebook to give me 6 words to write a poem with earlier and they gave me transformation, satisfaction, Steelers, Conscious, tortures, and death. I used them in a poem form called a sestina, here is the result, notice any patterns?
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#9 Satisfied

“Like your eyes are always 100% satisfied with your spouse and you don’t need accountability,
neither of which is Biblical by the way.
Your eyes are never satisfied…
Us overgrown primates with egos, lying.
You quote the devil when you declare yourself okay.”

I want eyes that are completely satisfied by my wife.

Not like now, how they’re always prowling around
Seeking something new to devour
Help me see other people as more than good-looking pieces of meat
There’s gotta be more to life than being constantly hungry
There’s no winning
Cause there’s no good in it
We feast and are never full
Teach my eyes to be content.