What We All Need

You have such beautiful broken windows

Your perpetual sunset shines

off the wet shards spectacularly;

You say you don’t cry anymore

But hard water-stained brick walls

draw the pictures your lips won’t

Graffitti-covered concrete

guards your heart

hoping to distract from the shattered glass and it actually works


People say you stand solid as a statue, that you move mountains with words,

and the wildfire inside you inspires them,

You look just like me.


That’s why


I can’t save you.

Maybe my large frame can bear a little more than yours, but we’re still the same

My planks are rotting

My floorboards creak

And the termites keep biting holes in my walls,


I need help.


They tell me search for God

I hear that He can solve all our problems

Wash away the sawdust,

repair our raw hearts

But we’ve gotta walk together.

I can’t save you or make you save yourself,

Hell, I can’t even save me,

Though there’s still hope for us both

You should come along, I need you

My lone pair of arms can’t row for too long

Already wind battered and weak

We need each other.

Come with me.