What I Do.

I’m in love with Christ and I’m pursuing a deeper relationship with Him daily.

I’m passionate about creating beauty and inspiring people through music, poetry, pictures, and the way I live.

I live in a community house in Lake Elsinore, CA where we try to put Christ on display by publicly doing life together.

I go to Mountain View Community Church in Temecula and am also helping to plant a new church called The Grove Church of Lake Elsinore.

I work as an Instructional Aide with 1st- 8th graders at River Springs Charter School in Murrieta and with a small company called Event Services providing staging needs for everything from farmer’s markets, fairs, and corporate events to parades, concerts, and professional sporting events across Southern California.

I attend Riverside Community College and I’m majoring in English and Humanities.

I’m pursuing a career in educating young people with the hope to not only teach, but somehow make a widespread impact on the way the United States approaches schooling through the Christian faith, the Arts, and culture. Just don’t ask me how yet! I have all kinds of ideas, but I’m just not sure of any of them!

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